Car Mechanic, Automatic Gearbox Repair Reconditioning Vélez Málaga Torre del Mar


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679 931 702

29700 Vélez Málaga - Málaga

Cris Cars, Car Mechanic, Automatic Gearbox Repair Reconditioning Vélez Málaga, Torre del Mar.


Specialising in automatic gearbox repair and servicing for all vehicles and manufacturers, including, Mercedes Benz, ZF, Audi/VW, Seat, Skoda, BMW, Jaguar, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Porsche, Range Rover, Ferrari, Aston Martin. We offer full diagnostics for your vehicles automatic gearbox and transfer box with the latest equipment and traditional testing methods. 


Automatic gearboxes and transfer boxes, special 4x4 and competition applications.  Automatic gearboxes serviced and repaired for the industrial sector. Transfer boxes serviced and repaired. Torque converters reconditioned and supplied new. Classic car automatic transmissions and torque converters serviced and repaired. Fast and efficient transmission maintenance with the ATX2 PRO flush and fluid exchanger. 


A professional and personalised service.

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Car Mechanic, specialising in automatic gearbox repair and servicing for all vehicles and manufacturers.

Clients wishing to send an automatic gearbox or transfer box by courier can do so. We can arrange this for you. We will ship the unit back and provide an installation checklist with telephone back up to ensure the part is fitted correctly. 

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